I would like to thank you for visiting Fitness Defined.  Without realizing it you have just taken the first steps toward a happier and healthier future.

In 1988 I created Body Blocks Fitness to provide health-minded individuals, such as yourself, with an alternative to the over-crowded and under serviced  ‘box’ gyms that have saturated our communities.  We provide our clients with customized personal training services that are designed to help them meet their specific needs.

I have long said that we don’t sell gym memberships…we provide our clients with the guidance that they need to live a healthy lifestyle.  This blog is intended to help us better accomplish that goal.  Fitness Defined will provide us with the ability to engage with our clients and the community on a much larger scale.

The unfortunate truth is that as a nation we are becoming increasingly less healthy.  Current statistics indicate that as many as 1 out of every 3 of us is either obese or suffering from some type of chronic illness; clearly this trend is unsustainable.  As individuals make the decision to live a more healthy lifestyle they will be confronted with a number of obstacles such as the corporate ‘box’ gyms, under educated (or in some cases uneducated) “trainers”, and an overwhelming amount of false and misinformation on the internet.

Fitness Defined will provide simple, tested, and proven information that will serve to guide you on your journey.  Together we will overcome the obstacles that you encounter and along the way we’ll even “bust” several fitness, exercise, and nutritional myths that have been ingrained in most people.

Again, I am excited to embark on this journey with you and hope that you are able to benefit from my education, knowledge, and experience.  If you have any suggestions for topics that you would like me to cover please email me at fitnessdefined@bodyblocksfitness.com.


Bob Bateson, BS, CSCS, RSCC,*E

Your Thoughts?

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