More than a workout; Fitness is a lifestyle!

Movement is the key to life. We’ve become such a sedative society which is why we have so many health issues. We have all the knowledge, all the research and resources, yet we are the unhealthiest country in the world right now.

Think about it… People come from all over the world to the United States  to utilize the knowledge and resources that we have to offer and yet overall as a society we don’t apply any of it ourselves. It’s ludicrous!

Movement is what keeps people alive; it’s a fact of life. Nowadays doctors even prescribe exercise and movement as a means to stay healthy.

Read this USA Today article that discusses exercise prescriptions.

Dr. Raul Vazquez does Tread-a-Thon


Read this amazing story about my friend Dr. Raul Vazquez (above) who spent his day seeing his patients while walking on a treadmill to call awareness to obesity and the need to get healthy

Your body is your one vehicle in life, yet you put it in jeopardy. Fitness should be just as important as any meeting or appointment. If you’re not healthy you can’t do your job. Don’t be intimidated either. Fitness can be as simple as just getting up and moving. Taking a 5-10 minute walk two times a day would be a great start.

“I don’t have time”, “I’m not a fitness person”, these are all calculated lies to yourself. Everybody has a choice and these calculated lies become hurdles that you create for yourself. So take some accountability and get up and move. After all fitness isn’t just a workout at a gym or a mile run… It’s your LIFE! Ultimately its a choice, a lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “More than a workout; Fitness is a lifestyle!

  1. What do you think it would take for more corporations to incorporate health and wellness into a top priority for the success of their business? Nowadays most insurance companies offer discounts to those who keep themselves in the best shape possible with the assumption that the healthier the individual the better their overall health is leading a decrease in doctor visits. Why wouldn’t every company operate under this principle?

  2. Hey Chuck,

    First of all thanks for reading the blog and great question!

    There are a growing number of companies that get it and understand the value and returns that they receive from investing in their employee’s health. These employers enjoy a large number of benefits like, decreased sick time and presenteeism, increased production, lower insurance premiums, and an over-all more positive and healthier work environment. I believe that other companies will catch on, it is only a matter of time. Let’s face it, the company’s that “get it” will enjoy a large number of economic benefits, this alone will force other companies to take notice and follow suit.

    I have a few upcoming blog posts on this topic, so make sure you subscribe so you receive an update when they are published.

    Thanks again,


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